About this blog

Here is where I plan to put all the interesting and fun things I can find about Indonesia. Let’s see if I can find something new every day.

I believe Indonesia slips under the radar for most English-speaking media, but considering its physical size, population and economy, it should be better understood.  While there is much to criticsise, my intention is to show Indonesia in a positive light. Please let me know if you find any of the content offensive.

This is my first attempt at blogging, thanks WordPress for having such an easy to use system. Even so, I’m finding it a challenge.


5 Responses to “About this blog”

  1. maggie Says:

    Very interesting, even though probably painful. Still, it’s always best to try alternative remedies first.

    • aboutindo Says:

      Thanks Maggie, now I’ve done more research and found they also have this in China too. I should do my reseach before I do my post hehe. So much to learn…

  2. Mealzie Says:

    20 hits and counting! 🙂
    looking good so far.
    and i’ve been schooled about indonesian taxis!

    • aboutindo Says:

      Thanks for the comment.
      I don’t have many hits yet, but they’re all quality ones hehe. I’m starting to understand why blogging is such a popular activity. That hit counter is compulsive viewing!

  3. Win Says:

    Hi m8,
    Frankly I didn’t expect to see your website so well-organized, considering the time you had to build it up. It’s less than a month after you arrived back to Perth. Amazing work! I am also surprised how you put things that to us, the Indonesians, appearing ordinary to become interesting topics seeing from your perspective. Keep posting…I enjoy it.

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