Courage in adversity

Ramlan, an eighteen year old construction worker who sawed off his own trapped right leg

The above links to a story about a young man, Ramlan (18 years old), who all but cut his own foot off to escape from a building which was in danger of collapsing after an earthquake.  His foot was trapped by a steel girder and he knew that an aftershock would finish him off, so he set to freeing himself by cutting his foot off with a hoe.  When he found the hoe was too blunt to cut through the bone, he used his mobile phone to call his friend who brought a wood saw.  He actually worked with the wood saw for a little while until the pain became too much for him and his friend finished the job.

Indonesian people have many positive qualities which are not often highlighted by Western media.  In this case tenacity, perseverence, courage, endurance.

I think the guy sitting on the bed with him is the one who cut through the bone for him after he’d passed out.  Notice what looks like a cigarette in his hand?


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