Cute bird

I never knew a bird of prey could look so cute. 

When I was teaching in Jakarta, a high school-aged student came to class with a few feathers attached to his backpack so I asked him about it.  It turns out he kept a collection of raptors at home.  He offered me a falcon but naturally I couldn’t accept.  If it was a furby eagle-owl like this one, maybe I’d reconsider.

For anyone learning Indonesian language, the young lady uses some easy to recognise Indonesian words: cukup=enough, lagi=again, sedap=satisfied (in this context), sayang=darling, separo=half.  “Separo” is a well used term they don’t seem to teach in Indonesian language classes, but it’s used quite often, especially when dining.  The alternative word “setengah” is more often used for time e.g. setengah lima=half past four.


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