Slow motion car chase on the Jakarta Tollway

It crossed my mind that this might have been staged, but they look like real people (not actors) and the scenario is too weird to be fiction.

As you watch, keep in mind that this is happening on a toll road in the biggest city in SE Asia, in the middle of the day.

Pak Win (Mr Winarto) has kindly translated for us:

0:57 – the commentator said that…stubborn driver refused to pull over despite an order from the police to stop. The police would like to check the stuff carried by the car.
2:19 – the lady strongly explained that she is only carrying food supplies in the back of her car…..(…somehow she managed to get into the car and slipped out again- the police made chase again).
2:36 – the commentator said…”other drivers helped the police to stop the car…”
3:30 – the lady said that she was traumatized with policemen….she had an unpleasant previous experience with the police pulling them over.
4:09 – The police explained it’s his job to look after the community…bla…bla…while she kept arguing.
4:35 – The police kept saying that he only did his job and he explained to the guy behind the wheel that he’s got a right to stop any suspicious car …bla…bla… meanwhile the guy listened to the police, the lady shouted at the police that they paid few hundreds thousands Rp previously for a “fine” (that’s surely what she referred to as the unpleasant experience).
4:55 – (here is the interesting part..) The police advised the guy ” …if you feel innocent, you shouldn’t be afraid of the police…”…The guy calmly argued “…as you said, that is the reason why I don’t feel like stopping because I feel innocent…” – BINGO !!!….The police helplessly said that…”you can’t do that, we are not a paranormal (psychic). If you don’t stop to tell us, how we know that you’re clean?”

Who could write a script like that? I guess the policeman stayed calm because he knew that the camera was on him. Indonesians have become more assertive in their dealings with police, although this must surely be the exception – I can’t believe their behaviours are typical.

The clip doesn’t say whether she was let off or if she had to pay a few hundred thousand rp more in ‘fines’.


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