Indonesian street food: Pisang goreng – fried banana

Here’s how to order a snack from the kaki lima (hand cart) which ply the streets of every city and town. 

Notice the environmentally friendly wrapping?  Sheets of banana leaf can be bought at most food supermarkets, it’s such an elegant substitute for plastic.

Matkiding, the owner of the video, orders two misro first, then the bananas. In his words:

pisang goreng enak sekali , yang bulat namanya misro, terbuat dari singkong dalamnya gula merah …sweet . kalau dalamnya oncom namanya misro.

Fried banana is delicious……The round one is “misro”. It’s made from cassava with coconut sugar inside…..It tastes sweet….If it’s filled with oncom (rotten soybean), it’s called “combro”,  very tasty.

I haven’t tried misro yet but I can’t say I’m fond of pisang goreng when it’s served cold like that. This vendor has cooked all those items while waiting for customers, in the meantime it’s all gone cold.  If you don’t like your food cold, you can ask him to cook some fresh for you. He’ll do that if he has any uncooked food left.
The cost is 1,500rp which is equal to 20 cents or in other words, nothing (as far as you’re concerned).
Notice the buyer has a drink of chocolate milk? In a plastic bag, with a straw. He would have bought it from another vendor for about 1,000rp.

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