Police are people too

A few years ago, late one night a colleague had been drinking a bit before he decided to go home.  He mistook a police car for a taxi and jumped in the back.  He realised his mistake when he saw the two policemen sitting in the front seats.  Anyhow, he decided to roll with it and told them his address and they drove him home.  They got talking and by the time they reached his complex they were mates and he felt brave enough to invite them in to meet the wife and baby and spent a few hours chatting over a bottle of whiskey.

One of the things they told him was the pay was poor and they weren’t even given a petrol allowance for their squad car.  Small wonder some of them resort to ambushing motorists for minor traffic violations, just to make a few thousand rp.  I believe things are changing in that respect.

I’m too careful to get myself into the same situation as my colleague, but I was once given a ride down the street by a motorcyle cop in Bali.  He didn’t want anything for it, just being friendly.

The guys in the clip aren’t anyone I know, it’s not my clip.  I just thought it’s a side of them you don’t often see. 

Please keep in mind that I’m not recommending you make friends with any Indonesian police you might meet.


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