Indonesian street food: Ayam Goreng

Fried chicken seems to be Indonesia’s most popular meal, judging by the number of fast food outlets. Even McDonalds sells more chicken pieces than hamburgers in Indonesia.  But this one in the clip is better than KFC.  Just for the record, dada = head; in this context, paha atas = thigh and paha = leg (I guess they don’t wanna use ‘kaki’ which can mean leg or foot because it might confuse people who think there is chicken feet available); sayap = wing; and kepala = head… yes, chicken head.

By the way, chicken is served with steamed rice not with fries, even at KFC.

Did you notice the rooster in the cage?  They put the roosters out on the street so the bird doesn’t get bored.  It also gets them used to noise and movement so they won’t panic when…  let’s just say if he loses his next fight, he’ll be in the deep fry with his sisters.

There are two types of chicken you can get: the factory-grown one that you can get in the supermarket here, or ‘ayam kampung’ or ‘village chicken’.  Ayam kampung is said to come from small scale farmers who raise them free range.  They’re decidedly more stringy than the supermarket ones and don’t have an ounce of fat.


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