Rules on Writing

This link goes to an article about an article in The Guardian listing a vast number of tips on writing from published authors (I’ve even heard of some of them):

The journalist says the most common tips are:

  • write every day;
  • rewrite often;
  • read your work out loud;
  • read a lot of books;
  • don’t write for posterity.

So far, I’m writing something every day, at least for the past three weeks.  I haven’t rewritten anything yet – I know there’s a few typing errors in my past posts.  I guess I’ll start reviewing my old posts each day too.

What’s this got to do about Indonesia?  Not a lot, but this is a blog, and it has to be written, and it’s my blog so I get to decide what’s in it!  Don’t worry, I’ll post something that’s truely about Indonesia in a little while – today.


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