Ketok Magic

The guy in the clip doesn’t look much like the dukun I posted last week (maybe he had a shave after his bath?), but he’s performing a kind of magic.    By the gentle taps you can see him doing on the clip, he is able to beat out the dents in a sheet of metal without disturbing the paintwork.  It works if you just have a dent, not if there’s a scratch or gash, of course.  Still, it’s quite amazing, I recon.  Panel beating while you wait.

This magic is performed throughout Java, perhaps all of Indonesia.  However it originates from Blitar (according to the guy who posted the clip).  So when you’re driving around Java, you will often see a sign ‘ketok magic’.  But if the guy learnt his trade in Blitar, it will say ‘ketok magic Blitar’, so you know it’s the original and (usually) the best.  You mostly find this kind of advertising technique with food – some towns are famous for particular dishes, so the restaurant will make a point of showing that the dish it serves is just like the one from that other town.

So if you’re a panel beater living in the West who wants to make a fortune by learning this skill, you had best buy a ticket to Java.  The only problem is you might never want to leave.


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