Chastity belt prevents sexual harassment

There’ll be no naughty business in this panti pijat (massage parlour) in Batu.  The owner has a policy of padlocking the girls clothes so there’s no possibility of ‘extra service’.  The girl being interviewed seems to be grateful for the extra protection too. It’s an unfortunate part of the job, I guess, to be pestered by ‘naughty boys’ (pria nakal).

It’s not easy to know what kind of massage parlour you’re visiting unless the place has been recommended to you.  Just because the place looks seedy doesn’t automatically mean it’s a brothel, and luxurious decor doesn’t mean you’ll get a serious massage.  Usually the nice ones promote themselves as ‘family’ spas. If you see they have a mixed clientele, that’s a good sign. One way to tell is to ask if you can check the facilities before you commit yourself.  If the rooms are reasonably easy to look into and the walls don’t reach the ceiling, then it’s most likely to be a therapeutic massage.  An example of a chain of spas which doesn’t resort to naughty business is Enggar.

Massage is a skill that many Indonesians learn from when they’re children.  It’s another good reason to have an Indonesian girlfriend/boyfriend.


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