Jakarta street food: Lontong and Krupuk

Lontong is an alternative to white rice.  It’s like white rice which has been pressed together into a kind of brick.  Some people like it, each to his own.  Maybe it suits some dishes better than white rice?

In this clip, he’s having the lontong with curried tofu soup and egg.  A nice big bag of krupuk comes included in the price. 

Krupuk are like prawn crackers, but they aren’t always prawn flavoured. Some are garlic, others plain, maybe there are other flavours too.  There’s a huge variety of krupuk, enough for a blog just on that subject.  In this clip, the krupuk are the simplest kind.

If you think I’ve put a lot of these street food clips on this blog, hold on because I’m going to put a whole lot more in the next few weeks.  I hope this is giving you an idea of how much wonderful food is available in Indonesia.


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