Indonesian names that I like

I’m starting a list of Indonesian first names that I’ve heard about or have appeared on this blog and sound cool or unusual.  I’ll put the formal name first, then the nick name that’s derived from it (if I know it) in brackets.  Please contribute if you have something to add:

Girl’s names

Bintarasari (Binbin, Sari);

Endang (can be a boy’s name too);





Boy’s names





Seven’s not a bad start.  I can see myself editing this post many times in the future.


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3 Responses to “Indonesian names that I like”

  1. jakartanna Says:

    Ratna or Retno

  2. aboutindo Says:

    Ok, they’re up now. What are they short for?

  3. jakartanna Says:

    they can be a stand-alone name, which means diamond, or many combine them with sari –> Ratnasari. Sari itself means beautiful.

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