Jakarta street food: Mie ayam baso

One step up from having a kaki lima (mobile food stall) is to park it in front of an open-to-the-street restaurant.  At the start of the clip you can see the colourful banner advertising the food.

Mie ayam baso = chicken ball noodle soup.  Pangsit = meat ball wrapped in noodle material (often fried).  Kwetiaw = thick, flat noodles.

She cooks it up as you wait, and you don’t have to wait long. You get two dishes for your money, one is the noodles, the other contains the soup, you can pour the soup into the noodles or eat it separately, depending on your preference. 

Sorry the clip gets a bit out of focus towards the end, the camera man must be salivating.


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One Response to “Jakarta street food: Mie ayam baso”

  1. adheperdana Says:

    it’s look great,,

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