Dangdut! Rhoma Irama

Watch the first 30 seconds of this clip for the laughs.  Listen to the rest of the clip for the golden voice of Rhoma Irama, king of dangdut.

Since I saw this clip I really need to see the whole film.  What caused her to bleed from the eyes?  Why are the workers looking the opposite direction to where the action is?  Why is he running like a girl and so slowly?  And why is he calling her Mama?  She looks to young to be his mother.  Did she adopt him? 

Quick!  Someone watch Pengabdian and tell me the answers.


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3 Responses to “Dangdut! Rhoma Irama”

  1. jakartanna Says:

    oh my… how do you find this…. (oh! can’t say the right word! ha..ha..)

    here’s the storyline of the film Pengabdian, but it is in bahasa Indonesia :

    he called ‘mama’ not because she’s his mother, she’s his wife. Many Indonesian married couple decide to call themselves as Mama and Papa to be an example for their kids on how to call them.

  2. aboutindo Says:

    Yeah, in the Western countries too, but I don’t see any kids in this clip.

  3. jakartanna Says:

    Thanks for posting this. I watched the first 30sec for more than 3x but still it gave me a big laugh 😀
    All roads lead to Rhoma!

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