Health Reform Bill is more important to Obama than Indonesia

But don’t worry, Australia is being snubbed too.

The fact is that after more than twelve month’s debate on the matter, Mr Obama needs to be at home to make sure his Health Reform Bill gets through.  If my memory serves me correctly, this isn’t the first time he’s deferred a return visit to the land of his childhood.  But he’ll definitely be coming in June, maybe… mark it in your diary!  This on-again off-again diplomacy is rather unseemly for the world’s superpower.  In fact, I find it a little bit unsettling.

I can understand him snubbing Mr Rude (Obama’s name for the Aussie Prime Minister), but to do it to a country which has made extra effort to be friends with the USA during the so called ‘war on terror’ beggars belief.

Here’s where I found the story:

Ah well, the statue can stay in the classroom for a little while yet.


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6 Responses to “Health Reform Bill is more important to Obama than Indonesia”

  1. Ben Hoffman Says:

    It’s about time we had a president who put Americans first.

  2. The Center Square Says:

    My comment is, there is a world of difference between “more important than Indonesia” and “more important than VISITING Indonesia RIGHT NOW.”

    • aboutindo Says:

      Thanks for your comment, Center. You’re right, of course, the Bill is more important right now. But as I said, this isn’t the first time he’s cancelled at the last minute. It signals that things are a bit shakey at the top of the World’s Superpower. The trip has been planned for a long time and he must have known the Bill would not be easy. By ‘he’ I mean his staff, of course.
      Please understand that SBY, the Indonesian president, suffered much criticism for supporting the USA in the anti-terrorism effort.

  3. aboutindo Says:

    Thanks Ben. I agree with you, these everwars – Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq are a waste of resources.
    But if your less-wealthy cousins invited you to dinner and you accepted twice and you backed out at the last minute twice… do you think they’d still be happy to help fix your fence next time the neighbour damaged it?

  4. The Center Square Says:

    I doubt anyone in Indonesia who follows these things will fail to understand. Including the president.

    • aboutindo Says:

      Sure, they understand, they said they do. That doesn’t mean they’re happy about it.
      Meanwhile, China’s prestige in the region continues to grow.

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