Jakarta street food: Sate Kambing

This clip ties up nicely with yesterday’s post about the paper-eating goats.  The goat meat I’ve tried in Indonesia has always been tough.  This is because they only slaughter them when they’re at the end of their useful life.  This is why goat is best taken in tiny pieces as in sate kambing (goat sate).  Even so, the little pieces are still tough. 

Sate kambing has something of a reputation as an aphrodisiac.  Well, that’s the impression I get when I tell people I’ve eaten it, from the strange way they look at me.  Anyhow, it definitely has some kind of macho image.  In my experience, Indonesian ladies rarely eat it, though I think they should because of the high iron content – it must be good for them.

Making sate the proper way, over coals, causes a lot of smoke.  There’s a famous street for sate in Jakarta near Sarinah department store.  Some evenings you would think a building was on fire, there’s so much smoke.  But its a cheery sight to see the sate cooks fanning the embers with their straw fans.

This clip shows the whole process of cooking the sate.  Where you see the raw sticks, you’ll notice there’s some big white blobs.  That’s goat fat, the rest is meat.  Most of the fat will drain away while the stick is being grilled.  Sometimes the stick will contain parts of the guts, such as kidney.  If you don’t want that, you should check before you order.

The white stuff in the roll of banana leaf is lontong – white rice stuck together to make a loaf.  You can see it’s gone a bit green from being inside the banana leaf.

Notice the fancy packaging at the end!  She’s done that once or twice before.


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3 Responses to “Jakarta street food: Sate Kambing”

  1. jakartanna Says:

    Sate kambing nearby Sarinah is indeed popular, but not the best for taste. My favorite is Sate Kambing Djono at Pejompongan, the meat is juicy and tender.

  2. jakartanna Says:

    recommended. bring anti-cholesterol pills if you need to 😀


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