Jakarta Street Food: Warteg (Vegetarian)

A ‘warung’ is a small restaurant.  ‘Tegal’ means a dry field, that is one which has not been flooded for rice growing and is therefore suitable for growing vegetables.  By combining and shortening the two words, we get ‘warteg’, vegetarian restaurant.  This practice of shortening and combining two words to make a new one is quite common in Indonesia.  You can visit a ‘wartel’ or ‘warung telpon’ = phone kiosk, or a ‘warnet’ which is a ‘warung internet’ = internet cafe.  Anyone know any other examples?  I’m sure there’s heaps more.

You can see that there are some meat dishes available, but the main dishes are vegetables.   Even so, they’re delicious and not as fattening as most street food.


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One Response to “Jakarta Street Food: Warteg (Vegetarian)”

  1. jakartanna Says:

    Warsun = Warung Sunda (serving typical Sundanese taste that is different from Warteg).
    Warbet = Warung Betawi (Betawi taste)
    Warkop = Warung Kopi (serving Coffee, snack, cigarette sometimes Indomie)
    By the way, Tegal I think it refers to a name of small city (but famous) in Central Java http://www.tegal.go.id

    Warteg serves typical Central Javanese meal : nasi rames (mixed rice) comprising big portion of steamed white rice, combination of 2 or 3 vegies plus 1 dish of beef/chicken/egg/fish.

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