Smoking clown – Badut

When I think of clowns, I think of the acrobatic ones from the Russian circus with their prat falls, tumbling and slapstick.  I thought that you would at least have to put a bit of effort into it.  Not in Indonesia.  These two slackers get away with a little prancy dance, shake a few kids’ hands and give out baloons that they didn’t even make themselves!

Driving along the street there are signs everywhere saying ‘badut’ and a telephone number.  Sometimes I wondered what it would be like, I’d even considered hiring one for my own personal entertainment.  But now I know that this is all I’d get, I won’t bother.  At 6 minutes, even Mum gets bored and turns the camera on herself. 

I guess the scenario here is these two clowns have been hired by whoever is trying to get all those kids into the building, the advertising would have included clowns as part of the free entertainment.

I love to watch people at work, even when they’re not working very hard.  So here is a slice of life.  The thing I liked the most of this clip is the first few seconds where the sad clown is having a  sit down and a smoke.  Sitting down and smoking is just sooo unclownlike.


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