Dangdut! Dewi Ular

Dewi the Snake.  I guess it means that her voice is so sweet it even charms the snakes that co-habit the box she lives in.  Well, as you can see, her manager is so mean he keeps his pet snakes in the same box poor Dewi lives in.  He only lets her out to perform.  Notice she doesn’t spend much time in that box, she’s out of it as soon as the camera switches away.  I always think it’s a shame when a performer doesnt use her props effectively – we don’t see the snakes again in this clip.

The first song is thankfully short, but at the 1:40 mark she practically begs the audience to let her sing another one ‘mau lagi? mau lagi? (want another? want another?)’  Before they can say ‘no’, she launches into another tune.  Well, to be fair, they don’t seem too upset and they even seem to like the second song.

But how about what’s going on in the background?  I haven’t seen back-up dancing like that since Hot Gossip in the 1970s.  Not quite as risque, of course.  But I mean, really.  If you’re going to the expense of hiring a bunch of dancers to take the attention away from the awfulness of the singer, the least you could do is use a choreographer who didn’t stop learning new moves 40 years ago.


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6 Responses to “Dangdut! Dewi Ular”

  1. jakartanna Says:

    dangdut era I think is over, now it is the rise of the boy bands…

  2. roche Says:

    Dewi I think is like Goodness, Ular is Snake as you said.

    Do you know the real name of the singer? I like her voice, but I can’t find too much info about her. I saw other video Dewi Ular singing with Inul Daratista

    • aboutindo Says:

      Thinking a bit more about it, ‘Dewi’ is a common first name for girls but it is also the name for a goddess. So it could mean ‘Dewi the Snake’ as I said, or it could mean ‘snake goddess’.
      I don’t know her real name, sorry. If you went to one of her live performances when you’re in Jakarta, you could ask her yourself 😉 it wouldn’t be too difficult.

      • roche Says:

        Thanks, it would be nice talked with her jajaja who nows. The live performance happen often? o

      • aboutindo Says:

        No trouble!
        There’s plenty of live music in Jakarta. The difficult part is finding out where she’s performing. Don’t forget this clip is already over two years old, so she might have moved on from the snake act. I would guess, looking at her features, that she’s from Aceh, so she might be more conservative than her performance implies. Has she got a Facebook or Friendster page?
        Anyhow, as you might have seen from some of the other dangdut clips, it’s easy enough to introduce yourself to a singer – Just pass her a note while she’s on stage or tell your waiter you want to speak to her during her break.

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