Jakarta Street Food: Es Buah Segar

Fresh iced fruit.  One of the nicest foodie things about SE Asia is the tropical fruit and fruit juices.  I don’t think there are any fruits which are ONLY found in Indonesia, but you can certainly find most fruits there.  The only fruits I know of which aren’t grown in Indonesia are the ones needing frost such as cherry and berrys; and the real dry-climate ones, like fig, date, pomegranite.  The only fruit which I’ve never seen in a supermarket or wet market are the pomegranite and the fig.  I suspect pomegranites are imported because Indonesians have a name for them – delima; but the one fruit they are totally mystified about is the humble fig, even dried figs are absent from the Indonesian menu.  Well, there’s a market opportunity for all my readers who are fig farmers.

On the menu which shows in the first few seconds of the clip, the list includes: mangga (mango), alpukat (avocado), melon, sirsak (soursop), jambu (guava), markisa (like passionfruit, but much much nicer), tomat, wortel (carrot), strawberry, belimbing (starfruit), apel, pear, mix, durien(?) and a couple of others I can’t make out. 

In the fruit salad that he’s making, I notice he uses a couple of fruits which aren’t on the menu: coconut and kiwi.  I’m surprised to notice he doesn’t put in any banana.  A little lime juice would also be nice, I think.


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