Jakarta Street Food: Coffee and Cigarette Stall

I have to admit that I’ve never noticed one of these places before.  Sure, I’ve seen little stalls selling small packets of things, but not one with seating, hot water etc.  I suppose its normal to be blind to things which one doesn’t need or want.

As I said in a previous post, Indonesians have no regard for their own fine coffee.  Here you can see the little packet mixes which have creamer, sugar and whatever passes for coffee which the lady mixes with hot water.  It tastes as dreadful as it looks.  At least you get to drink it with some friendly company.  At least one of the customers in the clip is a taxi driver, you can tell by his blue shirt. 

Also shown on the clip are some sweet buns in plastic bags.  These buns have no redeeming features, considering the wonderful other food that’s available in Indonesia.  Still, they’re cheap and popular.

Not shown in the video are the cigarettes.  Indonesia is the one country where you can buy packs of five.  You can even buy single ciggs, the stall owner will open a packet for you and sell you one.  Be warned, though, Indonesians seldom smoke ‘normal’ cigarettes.  Most popular are the infamous kretek, a mix of clove and tobacco, which deserve at least one post to themselves.  Menthols are also quite popular, but nowhere near that of kreteks.  I’m sure you can buy normal tobacco cigarettes too, but I haven’t tried to find them since I gave up many years ago.


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