Jakarta Street Food: Pisang Goreng Cremes (fried banana with cream)

I think I’ve featured pisang goreng before, but this one’s a little bit different from the other.  Now, I’m assuming ‘cremes’ means ‘with cream’.  The ‘cream’ being the condensed milk that they use as a topping (along with palm sugar, cheese and hundreds and thousands).

What isn’t shown in this clip is the way the banana is fried.  It isn’t dipped in batter first, the batter goes straight into the oil, then the banana is laid on top and the batter is then folded over the banana.  At least, that’s how it’s usually done for this kind of pisang goreng.

Bananas are great in Indonesia.  If you go into a fruit shop, you can buy at least eight different types, each with its own particular use.  Some are for cooking, others for eating directly.


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