Jakarta Street Food: Pecel Lele

Warning: some may consider this clip a little bit cruel.  But as regular readers know, it can never be as cruel as my tongue.

Fried catfish, quite a common dish in Indo.  Yes, it’s fresh… maybe a bit too fresh for some tastes?  (Maybe it’s better not to look.)  And it’s cheap as chips.  Delicious too.  But Catfish are scavengers and they sift through the mud to take whatever nutrients are available.  This makes them very easy to raise and feed, but you can’t really be sure they’re kept in an unpolluted environment, so you’re taking a risk of ingesting heavy metals along with your catfish meal.  Try it once or twice if you must, but remember – if you wouldn’t eat it in your own country, don’t eat it when you’re visiting a foreign one.


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