Jakarta Street Food – Nasi Uduk

This is true Jakarta cuisine.  Here’s what wikipedia has to say about it:

Uduk is an Indonesian style steamed rice dish originally from Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital, which can be widely found across the country. It is made by cooking rice with coconut milk (santan), clove (cengkeh), cassia bark (kayu manis), and lemongrass. Nasi uduk is always served with emping, empal, fried chicken (ayam goreng kuning), and fried onion sprinkled on the top of the rice. In addition, peanut chilly sauce is a must.

“Nasi Uduk”, literally meaning “Mixed Rice”, is a popular dish for the busy commuters of the capital city Jakarta, mainly because it’s both affordable (one serving costs on average Rp. 5000,- or about $0.50) and accessible. It can be found throughout the day, some roadside stalls open exclusively in the morning, noon, or night, depending on the demographic of the surrounding areas. Stalls located near schools usually open at noon, while the ones near offices usually opens at night.

I’m not sure what they mean about the stalls near offices being open only at night.  In my experience, office workers eat during the day and go home to eat at night (there are some in Jakarta who don’t get to go home at night during the week, though).

Anyhow, the thing about this clip is that it reminds me of how the vendors rarely do any repairs to their restaurants.  See how the paint has flaked off the walls, how the plastic covers are torn or lifted away from the shelves.  I suppose the vendor doesnt notice it gradually becoming old and worn over time because he/she is looking at it all day, every day.  However the customers notice, and cleanliness is one of the reasons why so many prefer going to the fast food outlets if they can afford it.  But for now, the mum and dad restaurants survive and thrive.


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