Jakarta Street Food – Pancong cake

Not much to see here.  Quite a simple thing – pour batter into mould, wait until cooked then sell.  You see this type of cake being sold everywhere.  Even so, I never bothered to try it myself.  They say its like a doughnut.  Doughnut with coconut, perhaps.  From the clip it doesn’t look like it’s cooked all the way through, although that would be awful.


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2 Responses to “Jakarta Street Food – Pancong cake”

  1. jakartanna Says:

    this cookie is nice 🙂 especially when you eat right after they’re done with the roasting. Hot, fragrant, crispy outside, flaky inside. I think a good kue pancong tastes better than common doughnut. The ingredients are simple, rice flour, fresh grated coconut, coconut milk and a pinch of salt…

    Commonly it is served with final touch of pouring sugar cane so the heat from the cookies melt the sugar a bit, but I don’t like it that way. I like the original without the sugar.

    If you want to try out, ask the seller make a new one for you. One slot is fine, so you will enjoy it fresh and hot. Oh, and I don’t recommend the sugar topping… it’ll just destroy the real taste.

    • aboutindo Says:

      That’s good advice – most vendors are happy to cook a fresh batch for you, you don’t have to settle for the pre-cooked stuff that’s been sitting on the counter all day.
      In fact, the doughnuts made in Indonesia by the big franchises aren’t the good ones. The ones I grew up with were thin rings tossed in sugar and cinnamon (or plain). You never got them covered in icing sugar. You can still get them like that, but the price is out of proportion to the cost of making them and I resent giving the owner such a big margin 🙂

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