Jakarta Street Food: Whole Fried Chicken

Ayam goreng kremes utuh (literally: chicken fried cream whole).  I’m not sure where the cream comes into it, but with head and feet it’s truely the whole chicken.  Considering how little meat is on those ayam kampung (village chickens), you really need the head and feet just to make a meal of them.

Notice the special way he makes the batter separately from frying the chicken?  I’d often wondered how they make that.


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4 Responses to “Jakarta Street Food: Whole Fried Chicken”

  1. Tes Says:

    Head & feet… uummm These are some of the beauties of Asian street food.

    • aboutindo Says:

      The feet are nice – comfort food and very nutritious, but they need to be well boiled to soften the tendons. I draw the line at the head, personally. Thanks for your comment, have a safe trip. I hope things settle down in Bangkok soon.

  2. jakartanna Says:

    ‘kremes’ doesn’t mean ‘cream’.
    cream = krim (ice cream = es krim)

    Kremes is a word comes from the sound and sensation when you bite something really crispy in your mouth. How do you express it in English? Crisp, crisp…?

    Indonesian would say it is ‘kriuk-kriuk’ or ‘kres-kres’ or ‘kremes-kremes’, that is why this ‘kremes’ (fried savory batter) thing got its name.
    Kremes are made from water, rice flour, salt and spices (or cheap stalls would only add MSG for the taste 😛 )…

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