Jakarta Street Food: Susu Kedelai

Soy milk.  Indonesians don’t drink a lot of milk, although the few places that sell it fresh always seem busy.  I recall there used to be a small dairy in Pancoran South Jakarta, although I haven’t visited it.  You can buy UHT milk in most supermarkets, but I don’t drink UHT milk in my home country, so why drink it in Indonesia?  The pasteurised stuff is bad enough – what do they do to that stuff, really?  Milk never lasted a week in the fridge when I was a kid.  Enough ranting.

Packages of milk and other drinks as well as nuts, newspapers and cigarettes are sold on the roadside.  You often see the drinks packaged like this.  I suppose the vendors buy in bulk and decant the fluid to sell at a premium.


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2 Responses to “Jakarta Street Food: Susu Kedelai”

  1. Tes Says:

    One of the wonderful thing about street food is the people love it, they trust it, and they love it. They don’t really don’t what to know where is it from and how it get there, they just love eating it!

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