Ultimate Fishing – Man Style

Most weekend fishermen are happy to bring home a couple of herring.  They might dream of snagging a whale.  For the people of Lembala Island, it’s a matter of survival.

They hunt in the traditional way, with techniques and customs passed down through generations.  Their tools are also hand made, more from financial necessity than anything else.  So they don’t use much metal or plastic, no nails are used to build their boats.  Everything comes from the island, so all the materials are wood or fibre, although nylon is starting to replace their hand made palm fibre rope.

Fishing this way doesn’t kill enough whales to threaten their survival.  These people are also victims of modern industrial fishing methods used by other countries.

There are obvious dangers, but the reward is their village can survive another season.

For the complete article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-465987/The-stone-age-whale-hunters-kill-bare-hands.html


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