Jakarta Street Food: Siomay

I’m sure I’ve featured siomay before.  This one makes my mouth water though.  Maybe because of the memories it evokes. 

The reason I’m posting this is to show you that some things are better left unseen.  If you watch to the end, and you have an elevated sense of hygeine, you will see why.  Better not to think about things like that when you’re eating street food.  Of course, the vendors will happily allow you to bring your own plate and utensils.  Many vendors use grease-proof paper or banana leaves to wrap the food, as you will have seen from my other posts.  But it’s usually like this.

Of course, nobody every wants to see what goes on in the kitchen of a Western restaurant either, otherwise you would never dine out.


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2 Responses to “Jakarta Street Food: Siomay”

  1. Kongkor Says:

    Antidote : Jamu Ibu Gendong, sure way to improve your body immune system. Be prepared for the bitterness but the Ibu Jamu will always give you a glass of honey after drinking the Jamu. Like the Siomay, the hygiene is very much left to be desired.

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