Girl Tricked into Marriage with Lesbian

Here’s something that would never happen in the West these days.  I’m astounded that it even happened in Indonesia.

Here’s how the story goes.  Siti, the victim, received an apparently random phone call one day from a mystery man, Agustine (Agus).  A relationship blossomed and after eight months her family began to make arrangements for them to get married.  (in Javanese culture, the man joins his wife’s family). 

The tent and chairs were being set up for the reception at Siti’s house when a visitor arrived.  It was someone coming to collect a debt from the family.  It was someone who knew Agus when he was Martini, a girl.  He quickly spilled the beans and the wedding was off.

These events happened in Blora, Central Java.  In the clip, you can see Martini’s sister weeping on the ground in deep shame that’s been brought on her family.  Then we see Martini in her prison cell, she’s holding the penis which she made from t-shirt cloth to fool Siti into believing she was a male.  Next we see Siti, she’s ashamed not only by the situation but also because the police decided to check whether she had been seduced.  They decided not, but the examination must have been traumatic for her, on top of everything else.

We don’t know what happened to Agus/Martini in the end.  If she goes back to Blora, Siti’s family will not be too happy.  I’m not sure what crime she would be charged with, perhaps she’s in the prison more for her own protection than anything else.


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