Jakarta Street Food: Bebek Goreng – Fried Duck

Remember my post on whole fried chicken?  Well here’s the duck equivalent.  It’s somehow rather poignant to see the little ducky going into the deep fry beak and all.  I guess their little webbed feet go in too, although you don’t get a clear view of their feet in the clip.  We don’t worry about fish being cooked whole with their heads still on, so why should we get squeamish about poultry?

Hmm, what other things get cooked with their heads and feet still on?  Lobsters, crabs and prawns, but we don’t seem to mind that, maybe seafood is exempt.  Whole suckling pig, with the apple in its mouth.  Is that only for cartoons?  I’ve never seen it actually served.  Maybe that’s what’s wrong with the West, we don’t feast anymore, it’s always finger food.  We don’t actually eat anything’s fingers anymore, except for fish fingers, which don’t exist in reality, thankfully.


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6 Responses to “Jakarta Street Food: Bebek Goreng – Fried Duck”

  1. MM Says:

    Wah, ogut juga doyan banget makan Bebek Goreng, apalagi yang pake lada hitam, Wow lidah betul2 bergoyang dech !, kalau nggak percaya cobain dech, pasti setuju ame ogut, he … he … he …

    • aboutindo Says:

      Thanks for the advice and welcome to the blog. I love duck too and eat it at every opportunity. If I find it made with lada hitam I’ll post it for you 😉

  2. Kongkor Says:

    I suggest you may want to feature ‘bebek goreng cabe ijo” too. It’s spicy hot and yummy.

  3. Bebek goreng Says:

    Bebek goreng adalah menu lezat bagi siapapun
    Salam silaturahmi dari kami Resto Bebek Goreng Abah Ndut

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