Gayus Arrested in Singapore

Fugitive tax collector Gayus Tambunan was caught in a food court in Orchard Road by two Indonesian policemen who happened to be eating at the same place.  What a come down for someone who had become used to the best money could buy!   The policemen were able to convince him (and his family) to return to Jakarta with them in exchange for their protection and a chicken rice.

A few days ago, investigators seized $US6.5 million in foreign currency and jewellery from safety deposit boxes held in a Jakarta branch of PT Bank Mandiri.  The boxes were kept by Gayus, a former tax investigator.  Not bad going for a public servant, still a young guy, to judge from his pictures.  Gayus wasn’t born into money, here’s a pic showing his parent’s house compared with the one he was living in when things started to unravel:

Imagine letting your parents stay in that house while you’re living in a palace.  Here’s a better shot of the mansion:

Gayus was actually charged last year, when police found Rp 28 billion ($US3 million) in his bank accounts, probably payoffs from companies he had been assigned to audit.  Amazingly, he was acquitted.  But now all this cash has turned up, he’s back under arrest.  Of course, the scandal doesn’t stop there.  He has been linked to 149 companies (presumably those he audited in the past) including PT Dowell Anadrill Schlumberger and another bearing the name ‘Sidoarjo’ (possibly related to Bakrie’s mud volcano?).

In addition, those involved in his previous acquittal: his two lawyers, two police officers, two prosecutors, the judge, two suspected case brokers and a businessman are under suspicion. I wonder how many people’s careers will be in tatters by the end of all this?

In the old days, in the Suharto era, it’s unlikely that a case like this would see the light of day.  People were fearful of making waves in case it disturbed the wrong ones, that can be fatal.  But now, in many ways, it seems the press have more freedom to keep these cases in the public eye and people are more willing to speak up. 

It’s not so easy to hide illegal money.  It’s been the undoing of many criminals.  Did Gayus really think nobody would notice him bringing boxes of cash into the bank?  It didn’t even need a bank clerk to tip off the police, I’m sure the cash box records are regularly checked by the authorities.  The only way to enjoy ill gotten gains is to spend them, but that goes against the grain for someone like Gayus, a family man who might have had the peasant instinct not to waste what he had.  In trying not to waste it, the money was lost anyway.  Well, perhaps not all, I’m sure the loot that’s been found so far is just the tip of the iceburg.


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