Peterporn Scandal Development: Ariel Arrested

Police have decided to arrest Nazril ‘Ariel’ Irham for his part in the so-called Peterporn Scandal.  Under the recent anti-pornography laws, he is facing anything from 6 months to 9 years in jail and/or $US660,000 fine.  They are holding him for 24 hours  pending charges.  There is no word on whether they intend to charge his co-stars Luna Maya and Cut Tari.  I think they would have trouble proving that the girls ‘made’ the pornographic videos, it seems clear that it was all Ariel’s doing.  But it also seems that adultery is still a criminal offense in Indonesia, so there is some scuttlebut that Cut Tari could be prosecuted for that, but I think it’s unlikely because that law has become archaic through lack of use.

The big unanswered question is: What about the pornography distributors?  The police have known for a week the IP addresses and the location where the porn was uploaded.  But so far there is no news of any raids.  Surely the distributors of the porn are more worthy of prison than someone who simply made the vids for his personal use (however sleazy he is)? 

Well, there are two elements which probably make those distributors a bit too big for the police to manage.  Firstly, the people running the blackmail operation are said to be too closely connected to the ‘Mr Big’ of Indonesia’s underworld.  See?  He’s so big I don’t want to use his name.  I’ll tell you his name if you phone me.  Anyhow, why do you think the Mr Bigs in your city never get arrested?  Same reason why this one never will.  Anyhow, the rumours are that the blackmailers hit more than 30 female celebrities for 10 billion rp each (that’s $US1million, if I’m not mistaken).  All of them paid up except Luna and Cut.  Although there are a lot of guys hoping that some others will also refuse to pay when Mr Big comes back for a second helping.

The second reason the police will not go after the blackmailers is that some say the release of the videos was timed to distract attention from another scandal which was raging at the time.  It implicated a certain well known businessman in a corrupt undertaking.  He’s not well loved, but he has connections.

Hysteria concerning the affair has gone as high as the President’s Office.  On the weekend, SBY stated his concerns about the effect of internet porn on the population.  To some extent I have to agree with him, there is a need to protect the young from corrupting influences.  But I think it’s more a matter for parents and the owners of internet cafes to take responsibility for what people are viewing.

As expected, the extreme right wing fundamentalists have jumped on the issue.  They see it as an opportunity to introduce sharia law throughout the country.  Fortunately they make it sound so unpalateable that it’s unlikely that they will have much influence in this.  They are calling for married adulterers to be stoned to death (if that happened, half the population of Jakarta would be executed and the parliament building would be empty). 

From Kompas:

Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia coordinator Fadilah Karimah, 32, said she would like to see adulterers buried up to their necks in public places and pelted with stones until dead.

“Those people who have sex before marriage should be caned with a stick 100 times in public. Adulterers should be half-buried and stoned to death,” she told AFP at the rally.

“This is appropriate punishment as what they did was dirty, shameful and despicable. They should be prepared for such a punishment if they want to earn a place in heaven.”

“The more people who see it the better.”

I sometimes wonder what goes on in the minds of people such as Fadilah.  But then I realise that I wouldn’t want to know.


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4 Responses to “Peterporn Scandal Development: Ariel Arrested”

  1. jakartanna Says:

    Yes, I supported him 🙂 Free Nazriel Irham! Now I pronounce myself as Nazriel’s fan and supporter.

    Talk about the justice, if Nazriel Irham is arrested because he made sex tape, please arrest also the house rep (DPR) member Yahya Zaini and dangdut artist Maria Eva, and Bupati/Wakil Bupati Pekalongan Qomariyah – Ponco.

  2. Peterporn: Lots of Threats, No Action So Far « Aboutindo's Blog Says:

    […] you’ve been following the story, you’ll know that there was a small demonstration of 1,000 (pitifully low turnout by […]

  3. ryodimas Says:

    Oh Cut Tari, betapa kasihannya dirimu menjadi korban Ariel. Padahal suami dengan setia tetap mendampingimu. Perasaan gantengan suaminya ketimbang si Ariel. Betapa bodohnya dirimu

  4. ryodimas Says:

    Selamet buat Aldi Bragi yang sudah menikah untuk yang kedua kalinya, semoga kali ini bisa awet

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