Jakarta Street Food: Kue Basah (‘wet’ cakes)

Plenty of traditional sweeties here. 

First we have the green dadar guling, which is a pancake wrapped into rolls containing young coconut and gula merah.  Traditionally, the green colouring comes from suji leaves, but in this case it’s so cheap they must use a commercial food colouring.  Even so, it’s still delicious.

The next is the little balls.  They’re made from rice flour rolled in shredded coconut and they contain liquid gula merah so when you pop one in your mouth and bite, the sweet liquid floods your mouth.  It’s quite a nice sensation.

Third and last is kue talam.  It’s wrapped in plastic because it’s so sticky.  The brown part is sweet and made from sticky rice flour and gula merah, the white part is savory a nd made from flour and coconut milk, and salt I guess.

Those are quite common sweets which you’ll encounter throughout Java.  Of course, there’s a huge range of sweeties for you to discover.  Here’s just a small sample of what you can find at the Senin markets:

cakes at Pasar Senin

If you’re wanting to kick on in the early hours after clubbing all night in Jakarta, why not head down to Pasar Senin for some sweet munchies?


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2 Responses to “Jakarta Street Food: Kue Basah (‘wet’ cakes)”

  1. bubuindira Says:

    Pasar senen is my snack heaven… It drives me crazy to see soooo many tasty traditonal cakes there. I love lemper and pastel. This post brings back a memory of my late father. When he was hospitalized at Rumah Sakit Gatot Soebroto near pasar senen, my mom used to take me to pasar senen to bought kue-kue for the guest who visit my father 🙂

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