About Aboutindo

It’s two weeks since I started this blog. I have two main reasons for blogging. First is to inform the English-speaking world about the positive side of Indonesia, second  is to teach myself about blogging.

In my opinion, the West knows little about Indonesia, considering its importance as an economy and as a repository of languages and cultures. I find it interesting to see the way Indonesians respond to external influences and absorb them into their own context. The Western media only shows the bad things – tsunami, earthquakes, mudslide, fanatics, corruption, volcanoes, ecological disasters. But there are many positive things that don’t get reported – 8%pa economic growth, economic reform, political stability, wonderful food, friendly people.

From what I’ve posted, the people who would get the most from this blog are travellers and students, but I hope it’s interesting enough for those who are just curious and looking for a few minute’s infotainment.


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