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Tiniest Seahorse Found in Indonesia

June 7, 2010

At a mere 14mm in length (actual height 11mm) , Hippocampus Satomiae is the smallest seahorse ever found.  Better known as Satomi’s pygmy seahorse, it was named in a study in December 2008 after Satomi Onishi, a Japanese dive guide.  The reason it’s taken so long to discover it is due to its size, camoflage and the fact that it’s nocturnal. It hides during the day and gathers in groups of 5 or 6 on sea fans at night.

It was discovered at Derawan Island off the coast of Kalimantan, but has since been found as far away as North Sulawesi.  I guess people have known where to look since the discovery was published.  Imagine how many more tiny wonders are out there waiting to be discovered.

When they’re born, they’re jet-black, the same shape as their parents, but only 3mm long.

Here’s another pic, 4 or 5 have gathered together on a sea fan:


Aussie Soldiers Remains Found in Kalimantan

March 16, 2010

Lieutenant Hudson and Private Moncrieff

One of the least known wars of the proxy fighting between the USA and USSR was the ‘konfrontasi’ between Indonesia and the newly born Malaysia.

The British and Aussies were helping Malaysia, but they preferred to keep a low profile because there was a degree of support for the Indonesian cause in the Malaysian territories in Borneo.  As far as most people in the West know about it, it would likely be remembered as part of the mopping-up operations following the Malaysian Emergency.  On the Indonesian side, it’s not something they want to remember, since they failed to achieve their objective of preventing the Malaysian Federation from forming.
In fact, the Indonesians had the odds against them from the start since they were facing a Commonwealth army trained and experienced in jungle counter-insurgency (in the Malaysian Emergency).  The British also had the Gurkhas, of course.
I wonder how much this konfrontasi had to do with the overthrow of Sukarno?  It was a four year war which was popular at first, but eroded his prestige as he failed to win it year after year.  The British were also using their intelligence agency against him, although the full extent of their activities are not released.  In any case, the konfrontasi ended with Suharto taking the reigns.
It seems strange to me that this news of finding the remains of the two Aussie soldiers comes at the end of the Indonesian president’s trip to Oz.  Am I overly suspicious?  It just seems that they should have given the medal (Order of Australia) to SBY after he surrendered the remains, instead of before.
There’s another president who was given a medal for something everyone wants him to do.  Its two more wars, in Afghanistan and Iraq, both of which seem pointless.  Now that he has the Nobel, can he please turn his attention to ending these wars?
Here is a link to the story about finding the remains of the Aussie soldiers, the Aussies who died in the konfrontasi are all accounted for now, though there may be one or two British still out there: