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Jakarta Street Food: Nasi Bebek Madura

April 29, 2010

Madurese duck rice.  The duck is a bit skinny as it didn’t grow up in a factory, but probably spent its days wandering around the paddy fields with thirty or forty of its friends. The owner leaves them out in the fields all day and just before evening comes they follow him back to their pen.  All that walking and foraging means they don’t get too much fat on their bones.  There isn’t much meat, either.  I would usually order a couple of serves for lunch just to feel like I’ve had enough meat.  But that’s just my Western eating habits coming through. 

Notice the line of Teh Botol bottles on the table?  This company, Sosro, is a fine example of Indonesian commercial success.  The sweet bottled iced tea successfully competes with Coca Cola, you can find it throughout Java.  Elsewhere too, no doubt.  My only concern with it is they need to add quite a few chemicals to the formula to stop the tea from stewing.  Those bottles on the table are, of course, warm.  If you want one, they will have some in their refridgerator, or they will give you a glass filled with ice to cool the liquid.  Ice is quite safe to put in your drink, it’s one thing which is well regulated in Indonesia.