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Obama – Not Coming? Who Cares?

June 4, 2010

What’s this?  The third time they’ve cancelled the visit to Indonesia because of ‘pressing matters at home’?  Is the great USA really in that much distress?  It really doesn’t inspire confidence that the USA is interested in the region.  China is certainly looking better.

But we understand.  Obama is deeply unpopular and he wants to do some campaigning ahead of elections happening in November when his party will likely lose its majorities.  And as Suharto knows, the best time to get rid of a dictator is when he’s out of the country.


Health Reform Bill is more important to Obama than Indonesia

March 21, 2010

But don’t worry, Australia is being snubbed too.

The fact is that after more than twelve month’s debate on the matter, Mr Obama needs to be at home to make sure his Health Reform Bill gets through.  If my memory serves me correctly, this isn’t the first time he’s deferred a return visit to the land of his childhood.  But he’ll definitely be coming in June, maybe… mark it in your diary!  This on-again off-again diplomacy is rather unseemly for the world’s superpower.  In fact, I find it a little bit unsettling.

I can understand him snubbing Mr Rude (Obama’s name for the Aussie Prime Minister), but to do it to a country which has made extra effort to be friends with the USA during the so called ‘war on terror’ beggars belief.

Here’s where I found the story:

Ah well, the statue can stay in the classroom for a little while yet.