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Updates on Recent Stories

July 11, 2010

For those who follow this blog but don’t keep a close eye on Indonesian news, I thought now would be a good time to update you on developments concerning some of the more popular stories. 

Starting with the most recent:

Mental illness

In my second story concerning the practice of pasung, or chaining of the mentally ill, I found a clip which told about a local doctor, Suryani, who is working on this problem in Bali, applying modern medical techniques and showing miraculous results.   The sad thing was that the local government had cut funding to this project, putting a question mark over its continuation and bringing those patients who could not afford to pay for the medication the fear that they will return to their psychotic state.

I have since heard a rumour that the reason the funding was withdrawn was political jealousy.  Dr Suryani comes from an influential Balinese family and her detractors say she is conducting her work under her own name and not giving the government the credit for its funding.  They also imply that because she is seriously rich, she should pay for the treatment from her own pocket! 

Personally, I think people should put political issues behind them and consider the victims.  Even if she is capable of funding the entire clinic from her own resources, public health is a responsibility which the government has taken upon itself.  The potential cost to Bali’s economy if tourists shunned the island because of their handling of this issue is far greater than the cost of funding the clinic.  Government funds need to be allocated according to where they can do the most good.  Finally, I think it’s something to be encouraged when a member of the elite rolls up their sleeves and does some practical work, something Indonesia’s elite are not famous for.

Dr Suryani has a website for her institute if you would like more information about her work.  You can donate towards her work if you feel inclined to do so.

Tempo’s ‘Sold Out’ Edition

The publishers of Tempo ran a second edition of the magazine which was sold out.  The police are saying they were not involved in buying up the first edition and that it was just a publicity stunt on Tempo’s part.  Members of the police force are now taking a different approach.  They are suing Tempo for defamation in comparing them to pigs.  They are deeply offended because pigs are supposedly haram to devout Muslims.  I may be out of line here, but it has always been my understanding that it is the eating of pigs which is haram, not the pigs themselves.  So perhaps they are being a little precious in being offended on religious grounds.  Seldom mentioned is the fact that unbelievers in Islam are haram, yet I doubt any police general would shun his Balinese colleague on that basis.  More to the point, it is also haram to steal and it is also haram to use one’s position in a corrupt manner.

Perhaps the police would suffer less ridicule and criticism if concentrated on solving corruption within their ranks and got on with actual policing.  It is my feeling that the people respond well when they see their police giving a good example.


At this moment, Nazriel (Ariel) Irham is still being held in custody while Luna Maya and Cut Tari are free.  The prosecutor is obviously trying to avoid provoking the public’s sympathy.  All three have undergone physical examinations to check whether their body shapes match the images in the videos.  Intimate measurements were taken, including those of Ariel’s genitals. 

Meanwhile, police have announced they are ‘about’ to arrest eight suspects for actually uploading the videos.  That was a few days ago, I haven’t heard anything about that so far.

Smoking Baby

CNN have sent a camera crew out to Sumatra to verify that, yes, the story is true.  Although somehow they managed to misspell his name and the American public now know him as ‘Aldi’.   I deeply suspect this whole fuss is a beat-up by the big US tobacco companies to disparage Indonesia in the current trade dispute.  The US is banning flavoured cigarettes, including the kreteks which Indonesia exports.  However, somehow they don’t include the menthol cigarettes which the US manufacturers make in their definition of ‘flavoured’.  Self interest creates double standards.

This Site

There are now two people working on Aboutindo.  Neither of us full time yet 🙂  You might have noticed the marked improvement in quality. 

We are planning to make some big changes soon, including self hosting.   I started a bit less than six months ago, but it seems like only three.  Thanks for your support and comments.


Peterporn: Lots of Threats, No Action So Far

June 24, 2010

Luna Maya was shocked

After 12 hours, I’m still waiting to find out whether the police have acted on their promise to arrest Luna Maya and Cut Tari rather than defend their homes or arrest those making threats against their lives.

If you’ve been following the story, you’ll know that there was a small demonstration of 1,000 (pitifully low turnout by Indonesian standards) members of the ultra right Islamic Defenders Front.  Despite their small size, they manage to grab a lot of media attention because of their menacing costumes and behaviour.   The press were rewarded when they threatened to seek out the homes of the two female celebrities and administer rough justice.

As often happens the police have taken what they see as the easiest way out.  Instead of mounting an operation against the ringleaders of the demonstration and the people who made the threats, they have announced their intention to arrest the entertainers.  This is not good policing, firstly because they have no basis to charge them, secondly because it sends a signal that anyone can make threats against another human without risk of punishment.  How would Fadilah Karimah feel if the tables were turned on her?  How if  someone in the media decided to ridicule her?  (please, someone?).

In fact, I believe it’s more than just a matter of the police preparing an operation and rounding up the ringleaders.  There is a force within the Jakarta elite which sponsors and protects this organisation.  The Front truely is a front, controlled by a puppet master.  There would be consequences if the police took them on.  But public pressure is building for the police to ‘do something’.  So they have done the least they think they can do, which is to threaten the powerless.  Hopefully it will all blow over before they are forced to act on their threat.

The President’s hands are tied since his Information Minister made a huge gaffe comparing the celebrities with Jesus crucified.  He is somewhat hampered by his reliance on some Islamic parties within his coalition government.  So far he has threatened to introduce some form of internet filtering, but nothing certain yet.  As he will not be eligible for re-election, it’s possible that he will not be able to carry through with that anyhow.

There is still no certainty about what the people of Indonesia think about all of this.  Judging from internet responses, the youth are firmly in support of the celebrities.  The only thing that’s sure is that there is a huge culture war building in Indonesia.

Cut Tari - Cultural Warrior

Peterporn Scandal Development: Ariel Arrested

June 22, 2010

Police have decided to arrest Nazril ‘Ariel’ Irham for his part in the so-called Peterporn Scandal.  Under the recent anti-pornography laws, he is facing anything from 6 months to 9 years in jail and/or $US660,000 fine.  They are holding him for 24 hours  pending charges.  There is no word on whether they intend to charge his co-stars Luna Maya and Cut Tari.  I think they would have trouble proving that the girls ‘made’ the pornographic videos, it seems clear that it was all Ariel’s doing.  But it also seems that adultery is still a criminal offense in Indonesia, so there is some scuttlebut that Cut Tari could be prosecuted for that, but I think it’s unlikely because that law has become archaic through lack of use.

The big unanswered question is: What about the pornography distributors?  The police have known for a week the IP addresses and the location where the porn was uploaded.  But so far there is no news of any raids.  Surely the distributors of the porn are more worthy of prison than someone who simply made the vids for his personal use (however sleazy he is)? 

Well, there are two elements which probably make those distributors a bit too big for the police to manage.  Firstly, the people running the blackmail operation are said to be too closely connected to the ‘Mr Big’ of Indonesia’s underworld.  See?  He’s so big I don’t want to use his name.  I’ll tell you his name if you phone me.  Anyhow, why do you think the Mr Bigs in your city never get arrested?  Same reason why this one never will.  Anyhow, the rumours are that the blackmailers hit more than 30 female celebrities for 10 billion rp each (that’s $US1million, if I’m not mistaken).  All of them paid up except Luna and Cut.  Although there are a lot of guys hoping that some others will also refuse to pay when Mr Big comes back for a second helping.

The second reason the police will not go after the blackmailers is that some say the release of the videos was timed to distract attention from another scandal which was raging at the time.  It implicated a certain well known businessman in a corrupt undertaking.  He’s not well loved, but he has connections.

Hysteria concerning the affair has gone as high as the President’s Office.  On the weekend, SBY stated his concerns about the effect of internet porn on the population.  To some extent I have to agree with him, there is a need to protect the young from corrupting influences.  But I think it’s more a matter for parents and the owners of internet cafes to take responsibility for what people are viewing.

As expected, the extreme right wing fundamentalists have jumped on the issue.  They see it as an opportunity to introduce sharia law throughout the country.  Fortunately they make it sound so unpalateable that it’s unlikely that they will have much influence in this.  They are calling for married adulterers to be stoned to death (if that happened, half the population of Jakarta would be executed and the parliament building would be empty). 

From Kompas:

Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia coordinator Fadilah Karimah, 32, said she would like to see adulterers buried up to their necks in public places and pelted with stones until dead.

“Those people who have sex before marriage should be caned with a stick 100 times in public. Adulterers should be half-buried and stoned to death,” she told AFP at the rally.

“This is appropriate punishment as what they did was dirty, shameful and despicable. They should be prepared for such a punishment if they want to earn a place in heaven.”

“The more people who see it the better.”

I sometimes wonder what goes on in the minds of people such as Fadilah.  But then I realise that I wouldn’t want to know.

His Wife a Cow, She Died soon after Marriage

June 12, 2010

Unfortunately he isn’t interested in the sort of cowgirl shown in the pic above.  18 year old Ngurah Alit of Jembrana in Bali was caught stark naked in the act of bestiality with a cow in the middle of a rice paddy.  You can’t get more ‘caught’ than that. 

Alit claimed the cow magically assumed the form of a beautiful girl and it seduced him.

Instead of throwing him in jail, local custom has its own way of dealing with such cases.  Alit was forced to marry the victim of his crime in a full traditional wedding ceremony, presumably with the intention of shaming the man so much that he will never do this crime again.  In fact the ceremony, involving the entire village, police, press and curious people from other villages, had such an effect on him that he was overcome and fainted.

Following the ceremony, man and ‘wife’ were bathed and symbolically drowned in the beach.  The cow was actually drowned and Alit had just his clothes thrown into the sea.  This was done to cleanse Alit and the village of his desecration.

If Alit had comitted his crime in a Western country, it is likely that he would be put through the court system and receive a criminal record, maybe even spend some time in prison.  I think that this Balinese method is a far better way of dealing with these cases.  He has been ridiculed in front of everyone he knows, and so he will surely never do such an act again and people seeing his punishment will think twice before they try to copy him.  Although he will bear the shame all his life, at least it is not officially recorded, it will not prevent him from travelling or getting a job in the future.  Most of all, his village has not lost a good worker to Crime University – the prison system.

As for the cow?  Well, it won’t be seducing any more farm boys.  You may think its fate was harsh, but it really was the most humane decision.  The animal would probably not feel comfortable around humans and in any case, there is no danger that someone will again defile it.

Peterporn Sex Scandal

June 12, 2010

Indonesia has gone one step beyond in matters to do with sex scandals.  Sure, the West has plenty of variety.  We’ve had Paris Hilton (and many other) sex tapes, upskirts getting out of cars, nipple flashes, transparent clothing, costume malfunctions, girls kissing girls and I don’t know what else.  But Indonesia’s Peterporn scandal promises no less than 32 high resolution porn videos, each one featuring one of its most popular singers and in many cases co-starring female celebrities.

Nazril ‘Ariel’ Irham with his band Peterpan has for many years, until the past few, dominated the Indonesian pop music scene.  Here’s a taste of his music, one of his biggest hits, it’s actually not bad listening:

Anyhow, over the years of dominating the music charts, he had many opportunities to meet beautiful girls.  That’s not unusual for someone in the music industry, but it seems that he has a fetish for recording his adventures on video. 

His story is that someone stole the laptop on which he stored his videos.  The thieves tried to blackmail him and are now carrying out their threats to release the videos to the public.  The first video they released was one starring him and his latest girlfriend Luna Maya, a model, film and sinetron (soapy) actress and TV compare.  Here she is wearing a jilbab:

Looks innocent, doesn’t she?  The two are actually under contract with Unilever to feature in Lux soap commercials.  If you use your imagination, you might get an idea what the porn video might look like:

Or maybe not.  Some Indonesians find this commercial racy enough.  So you can imagine what a fuss the release of the sex tape caused.  Of course, Indonesia is not new to porn.  There used to be a big film industry based on soft core porn, but it died a gradual death as video piracy flourished (it still does).  It has also been replaced with the internet, of course.  Anyone with a dollar can spend a few hours in an internet cafe (warnet, or warung internet) and watch whatever they fancy.  Unlike in China, there are no restrictions on what you can watch on the internet.  It seems most people are watching Ariel and Luna.

And they’re also watching Ariel and Cut Tari.  Yes, just a day after the release of the first sex vid, there came a second one.  It’s well known that Cut Tari, a model and sinetron actress, is a former girlfriend of Ariel.  Here’s a pic of her:

She looks even more lovely in real life.  Anyhow, she claims the girl in the second porno vid is someone who looks like her.  I’m not so sure, there aren’t many girls who look as gorgeous as she does. But her husband is supporting her denial.  Yes, husband of seven years.

As expected, the police have become involved.  The Surabaya police became so excited, they took matters into their own hands (so to speak):

In the clip, you can see them raiding a school and an internet cafe in search of porn.  I’m not sure what they’re trying to achieve from that, seems a bit sleazy to me.

Anyhow, the real police are on to it.  Ariel and Luna have been called in for questioning.  Although they haven’t fronted the police station yet, there was one group that received some free publicity:

That’s right, citizens for the dissolution of the counterterrorism squad.  They were protesting at the police station while the press was waiting for Ariel and Luna to show up.  What’s wrong with those people?  I mean, really.  Don’t imagine that those few protesters in any way represent the mainstream opinion of Indonesia people.  Most of them are fed up with fanatics like that.  The counterterrrorism squad have had such huge success their methods should be studied by the Western intelligence agencies.

Latest word is the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has identified the IP addresses of the first uploaders of the porn vids.  I guess those people can expect to be raided shortly.

So as things stand, we have a possible collection of up to 32 sex vids.  It is said that they feature as many as seven female celebrities, so up to five ladies are about to suffer the consequences of a racy past.  We don’t know if Ariel and Luna will be charged for making porn under the new anti pornography laws.  And the public is speculating on whether Cut Tari is in the second video or not.  We don’t know if this whole affair will reignite Ariel’s waning career. But one thing’s for sure, the newest word in the Indonesian language is ‘peterporn’ and it’s going to be hogging the headlines for a long while to come.