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I’m ba-ack!

April 4, 2010

It’s been good to have a break from blogging, even though I’ve missed doing it.  I have to tell you I haven’t been researching wonderful new things to post, you’ll just be pretty much getting more of the same for the next little while, unless I stumble across some new source of good stuff to post.  BTW, any ideas from you are most welcome.  Don’t be offended if I don’t use it straight away though.

Right now, it’s a bit too difficult to post every day, so I’ll cut it down to days starting in ‘S’ and ‘T’ in future (Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursdays).

I hope you enjoy it.



March 28, 2010

To all my loyal readers (both of you), I’m taking a short break to catch up on some other pressing work.  I expect to start posting again on Easter Sunday.

I’m enjoying blogging so much that it’s a distraction from some things that I really have to do right now. 

I will still be checking in to reply to any comments.  Meanwhile, if you would like to be one of the first to know of my first post after today, please use the subscription widget.  Some people don’t think it works because they weren’t able to register with it, but I know that it does work, it’s maybe just a matter of ticking the right box.

There’s still a lot of stories I want to post and I’m sure I’ll think of a lot more over the next week.  See you on Sunday 😉