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Pinocchio Frog among Many Recently Discovered Animals

June 18, 2010

Indonesia’s biodiversity is second only to Brazil.  New animals are being discovered all the time.  I sometimes wonder how much has been lost in the drive to extend the palm oil plantations.

The long nosed tree frog (pinocchio frog) in the picture was discovered in the Foja mountains in Indonesia’s West Irian Jaya province during an expedition by Conservation International.  Paul Oliver, an amphibian expert, noticed the frog sitting on a bag of rice at the base camp.  He didn’t even have to go outside to find it!

During the four week expedition undertaken two years ago, the team also discovered the world’s smallest kangaroo, a new bat, a gecko, a pigeon, a giant woolly rat and a dozen insects.  And much else besides.  You can be sure there’s still plenty more out there, but who knows for how much longer?