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Jakarta Street Food: School Meal

July 13, 2010

Outside every school there are always a few vendors serving hungry kids.  The one in this clip is selling omelettes made from watered-down egg, topped with cheap tomato sauce and sprinkled with beef flavouring.  Not the most nutritious meal, but the kids like it.

Considering the price, it’s probably outside a government school.  Private schools normally attract hamburger or bakso vendors and prices are more like 5,000rp.  Even so, the burgers are dreadful.

Some schools have their own canteens, but the food they serve isn’t much better, it’s usually white rice with something deep fried.  Well, that was my experience about 8 years ago.  I guess the object of the canteen was to provide an alternative to going out onto the street for a snack, since some parents are concerned about their child being kidnapped (a crime which hasn’t yet become popular among Indonesia’s underworld).