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Kerokkan and Masuk Angin

September 1, 2010

I think this treatment is unique to Indonesia.  You can see in the clip, one guy is applying minyak gosok (rubbing oil) on his friend, then he uses (traditionally) an old coin to brush it in.  The brushing action causes the patient’s skin to go red.  The redness can last a few days but it’s not sore and the treatment doesn’t hurt. 

They usually do it in a pattern, similar to what you see here, and it’s typically done on a person’s back but it can extend to the neck, arms and legs.   Sometimes, when you’re in a mall, standing behind someone on the escalator, you might see kerokkan marks on the back of their neck.

Kerokkan can be used to treat many different illnesses and you might use a different oil for different sicknesses, although there are many oils which claim to cure almost everything.  The main thing which it is used for is masuk angin “entry of air into the body”, or chills.  It seems that Indonesians are quite suseptable to masuk angin, which is why they try never to shower after dusk and always close every window they see open, regardless of how crowded and hot the bus may be.  For some reason you can’t get a chill from having the air conditioning at sub zero temperatures.


Pijat That Makes Guys Horny

May 2, 2010

This is something I’ve never seen before.  I suspect its a recent innovation since I associate cupping with East Asian massage, but not with the Indonesian style (correct me if I’m wrong).  What’s novel here, however, is instead of little cups, the practitioner uses horns.  I wonder if horns have some sort of mystic symbolism as it reminds me of the European peasant practice of burying a horn filled with manure in the field on the night of the solstace, or whenever, to make the ground fertile.  Regardless of the iconography, it certainly makes for a strong visual image as it draws a big crowd.

Having long hair is a symbol of an artistic temperament, so the first young man getting the full treatment might be an accomplice of the practitioner.  He draws the crowd and his example emboldens others to try it for themselves.

Other than the cupping, I don’t see much pijat happening in this clip, although the Japanese often combine massage with cupping.  Naturally ‘tanduk’ means horn, in case you were wondering.

Chastity belt prevents sexual harassment

March 18, 2010

There’ll be no naughty business in this panti pijat (massage parlour) in Batu.  The owner has a policy of padlocking the girls clothes so there’s no possibility of ‘extra service’.  The girl being interviewed seems to be grateful for the extra protection too. It’s an unfortunate part of the job, I guess, to be pestered by ‘naughty boys’ (pria nakal).

It’s not easy to know what kind of massage parlour you’re visiting unless the place has been recommended to you.  Just because the place looks seedy doesn’t automatically mean it’s a brothel, and luxurious decor doesn’t mean you’ll get a serious massage.  Usually the nice ones promote themselves as ‘family’ spas. If you see they have a mixed clientele, that’s a good sign. One way to tell is to ask if you can check the facilities before you commit yourself.  If the rooms are reasonably easy to look into and the walls don’t reach the ceiling, then it’s most likely to be a therapeutic massage.  An example of a chain of spas which doesn’t resort to naughty business is Enggar.

Massage is a skill that many Indonesians learn from when they’re children.  It’s another good reason to have an Indonesian girlfriend/boyfriend.