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Drive Safe

July 8, 2010

Happy travels!

On a rainy day, helping to cart rice husks and there’s no room in the cabin.  These labourers have come up with a solution so they can ride along and not get wet by making a kind of hammock under the overhang at the back of the truck.  What can go wrong?


Jakarta’s Skating Police

May 22, 2010

I’ve never noticed this, so maybe the concept wasn’t successful or I just haven’t been caught out in rush-hour traffic in the right places to witness it.

In Jakarta they have polisi tidur (‘sleeping policemen’ = speed humps) and the seratus polisi ‘one hundred police’ (they’re the self-appointed traffic controllers who stand at intersections and ask for 100rp in return for helping you turn a corner).  I wonder if the skating police lasted long enough for them to earn a slang name?

Bemo transport in Kupang 3

March 2, 2010

View from inside

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Inexperienced driver, poor visibility. What could possibly go wrong?
Picture taken from an article from Inside Indonesia:

Bemo transport in Kupang 2

March 2, 2010

Jesus inside

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The stickers are also on the sides and back. Be careful not to run into the back of this bemo, Jesus won’t be happy if he gets whiplash injuries.
Those who say Indonesia is a Muslim country clearly don’t know the full picture.

Picture taken from an article in Inside Indonesia:

Bemo transport in Kupang 1

March 2, 2010

Bemo 1

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The journal Inside Indonesia has a photo essay on bemos (privately owned mini busses) in Kupang, West Timor.
Main points from the essay are that the windscreens of the bemos are covered with stickers to attract passengers at the expense of visibility. It seems that passengers select their rides on the basis of how well decorated the bemo, how young and sexy the driver (over 20 is over the hill) and how loud the music.
The article was a bit ambiguous about who actually pays for the stickers. Apart from that, an interesting feature about a remote island.

loading a truck 6

March 1, 2010

loading a truck 6

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Down it goes, and the truck sinks a bit as it takes the full weight. Another political t-shirt on the guy in the background.

Sorry I made all these separate posts, but I couldn’t figure out how to put all the pics from flickr into the same post. Next time I’ll upload them directly from my computer.

loading a truck 5

March 1, 2010

loading a truck 5

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The truck has been backed under the steel block, now just have to push it over. The factory owners offered to supply boots (and gloves, safety glasses, helmets etc) but the workers refuse to wear them, they complain that it’s restricting. Notice the red and white political t-shirt? It doesn’t necessarily mean that guy supports that party, it would have been given to him for free.

loading a truck 4

March 1, 2010

loading a truck 4

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The steel block is in the air. I’m hoping a chain doesn’t snap. How many guys does it take to do that job? I would say four. But it’s a break from routine, so everyone wants to help.

loading a truck 3

March 1, 2010

loading a truck 3

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Shoulder, triceps and laterals. This guy doesn’t work out, it’s all working man’s muscle.

loading a truck 2

February 28, 2010

loading a truck 2
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I promised someone some eye candy this weekend, here it is. See my flickr page for the rest of the series. (double click on the pic)
The guy in the background got caught in an unfortunate pose, hehe.